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Rental Policy


The number of guests listed for this property is the maximum allowed at any time for this cost. Additional persons (if allowed) require additional fees.  Directions & key code are emailed when your balance is paid in full.

FREE TICKET INFO: For each PAID night, you receive ONE free admission to each different attraction daily. There are no requirements to purchase additional tickets in order to use the free one we issue completely complimentary from Honeymoon Hills. The ID card needed for your free admissions will be waiting in your cabin (if you pre-register for arrival).

Damage deposit (card held on file for damage deposit): $200.00.  HOW DOES THE DAMAGE/SECURITY DEPOSIT WORK?  Guests are required to post a $200.00 security deposit using the credit/debit card on file. If no funds are available on the card provided for the damage deposit, guest will not be allowed to occupy the property until the $200 cash deposit is made. The credit/debit cardholder are liable for any damage, misuse, pet violations, registered guest count violations, or missing items (including towels, sheets, blankets and pillows) dishes, pots, pans, etc being cleaned and put away, garbage taken to dumpster discovered upon departure. The cost to repair or replace at property owners' discretion any damage(s) will be charged to the guests' cash deposit and/or credit or debit card. NOTE: Guests should read and follow departure instructions listed on the registration slip and noted in the property to avoid any additional fees after your departure. Damage charges are not limited to the $200 security deposit. The guest understands that this damage deposit in no way limits their liability and accepts responsibility for any damages in excess of the deposit. Unused cash Damage Deposits are mailed out within 14 days of check-out. We notify you only if damage exceeds the $200. 

TIP: Make your party is aware of which linens are supplied by us. As of late, we've had several parties (especially in the family lodging) remove and are charged for all the linens we supply! Honeymoon Hills does not phone you to request guests return anything. We will charge the cost against guests damage deposit. Honeymoon Hills is happy to report that damage issues are RARE and THANK OUR GUESTS for the respect and care they've shown during the use of these properties!

HOT TUB COVER NOTICE: Do NOT sit, stand, or lie on the hot tub cover including sitting around the edges--it will break. The cost to replace a broken/damaged hot tub cover is $410.83.

TOTAL GUEST COUNT MUST NOT EXCEED WHAT THE PROPERTY SLEEPS: Reservation is for up to the maximum guests the property lists in the description.  We wish to provide a peaceful environment for all guests. NO VISITORS PERMITTED, no congregating, no groups, no parties, no unregistered guests, no receptions, NO PETS ALLOWED--STRICTLY ENFORCED. This policy includes inside the property, outdoors including lawn & deck! Anyone found in violation of this policy is evicted immediately with no refund.   EXAMPLE: I would like my wedding party, friends, or reception at my cabin, but not for the night.   No 'house parties' are permitted--no exceptions!!

Tennessee Statewide SMOKING BAN: Tennessee has banned smoking in public or areas to be enjoyed by the general public as of 10-1-07. Smoking inside any residence offered for rent to the general public is UNLAWFUL, with a State fine of $500. EXTERIOR decks and porches are excluded from the law. In the event Honeymoon Hills Resort is fined on guests' behalf, the $500 fine is charged to guests debit/credit card on file. Any guest found in violation of the State Law will be asked to leave with no refund or exceptions.


Many travelers have never rented a privately owned vacation home! For this reason we have complied a 'Frequently Asked Questions' to make you more comfortable with using a property you do not own! We encourage you to review and become familiar with all policies to prevent any charges you could have avoided upon your departure!

Most of our guests need late arrival. Guests MUST PRE-REGISTER FOR LATE (OR THE POSSIBILITY OF LATE) ARRIVAL! Make certain you bring your directions, KEY CODE, etc to avoid having staff dispatched after hours to assist you.

PLEASE BRING A FLASHLIGHT! Most guests arrive after dark, are not familiar with the area around the cabin and the door lock key pads are not illuminated (lighted)!

SECURITY ALARM: If equipped with a security alarm, (CLEARLY MARKED SECURITY SYSTEM) please use each time you leave the property.

I'VE SEEN THE NO PETS POLICY, BUT I'M BRINGING MY PET(S) REGARDLESS OF THE POLICY, WHAT HAPPENS?  This is our number one issue! Remember these are privately owned properties and the property owners voted to allow no pets in their property! For some strange reason a few guests feel they can bring a pet(s) WITHOUT evidence of the pet(s) during their stay and upon departure.  We charge a minimum of $300 to take the property out of service and thoroughly clean and launder everything plus any damages. If the pet(s) is discovered during the stay, guests are evicted with no refund plus charged the $300 additional cleaning fee.

HOW DO I KNOW EXACTLY WHAT'S IN THE CABIN:  Amenities for your particular property are listed on our website under 'Cabin Photos'. Please review all amenities before arrival!

FREE Wi-Fi INTERNET ACCESS: If the cabin you have chosen offered free Wi-Fi, this is an open connection that requires no password and is being broadcasted as a free service from our office. If you are unable to connect, we do not have internet technicians on staff and our office staff cannot assist you. 

CAN I EXCHANGE PROPERTIES for SAME TRAVEL DATES?  Your preferred property is assigned to you for specified dates and removed from inventory. If you wish to have a different property assigned for same travel dates, a $50 processing fee is charged EACH TIME we move this reservation to another property for same dates.

CANCELLATION & REFUND POLICY:  All deposits and/or payments toward reservations are non-refundable, but reservation may be postponed.  If you must postpone, your travel must be completed (not reserved) within 30 days of your original arrival date, no exceptions.   Travel insurance is available for purchase and Honeymoon Hills recommends our guests invest in travel insurance.  Travel insurance provides reimbursement coverage for your cabin rental, wedding ceremony and/or reception services.  We highly recommend travel insurance because so much can go wrong in an individual's life and it's so inexpensive for insurance that will refund everything you have paid, just in case.  Again, we highly recommend our guests purchase travel insurance.  There is a $50 fee each time you change your currently reserved dates.  The $50 fee is due when you make notification that you are changing current arrival date.   In the event this reservation is completely canceled by the client, any deposits and/or payments paid are applied as cancellation fee.   If you reserved under a special discounted rate, the discounted rate does not apply toward a new arrival date.   We do not accept reschedules during the month of June, July, October, major holidays, Christmas Break or Valentine's Day.  If your 30 days falls within a blackout date, your time is extended by 30 days.   Your request must be made in writing NO LATER THAN 30 DAYS PRIOR to arrival.   Requests received by telephone to cancel or postpone are not accepted, no exceptions.   Any/all changes to this reservation must be sent in writing by email or Certified mail from client.  Honeymoon Hills will respond with confirmation of any changes received using email or Certified mail.   Clients should not consider their reservation canceled, postponed or changed until written notice of same is received from Honeymoon Hills.   Reschedule requests received LESS THAN 30 days prior to arrival will not be honored, no exceptions.    ABSOLUTELY NO cash/credit card refunds or adjustments provided for any reason including late arrivals, guest missing first day of reserved time, guest arriving after hours that did not pre-register for their late arrival and not being able to access their property; early departures, no shows, illness, death, weather issues, road conditions, maintenance issues, wildlife or insects, or public utilities including power, water, cable, internet or wi-fi outage.  Notice of housekeeping deficiencies must be reported before 5 PM day of arrival to be remedied the next day, but no refunds are issued due to housekeeping deficiencies.  If any issue arises that cannot be remedied during your stay we will move you to any available property, but do not issue refunds.  In the event you have reserved multiple properties, a wedding and/or reception, each event and property is subject to the $50 fee.

WHAT IS TRAVEL INSURANCE:  Travel insurance will refund your deposits and/or payments for the unexpected on this reservation.  It covers multiple issues including: snow issues and road closure; family emergencies such as illness or death in the family; job loss for you & your traveling companion(s) as well as emergency medical coverage while on your trip.    NOTE: Due to the possibility of inclimate weather (snow & ice that causes power, water, cable and internet outages for days at a time), Travel Insurance is recommended from November - March.

I MADE A RESERVATION BUT NOW I WANT TO CANCEL & HAVE MY DEPOSIT(S) REFUNDED, WHY CAN'T I GET A REFUND? This property and/or services have been reserved for your exclusive use and enjoyment thus turning away any other clients based upon the fact we were holding exclusively for your use.

REFUNDS DURING OR AFTER DEPARTURE: Many property owners have equipped their property with amenities to make your stay more enjoyable. Unfortunately, we cannot refund monies or relocate guests due to any of these (TV, VCR, DVD, cable, satellite, remote control, Wi-Fi, gas log fireplace, jetted tub, hot tub, pool table, small appliances, etc) malfunctioning. Please report any maintenance issue promptly! All of our properties are privately owned. Descriptions, bed sizes, amenities are subject to change without notice. In the event of a mechanical failure, we will make every effort to have all reported malfunctions corrected as promptly as possible.

WHAT ABOUT FINAL PAYMENT(or balance due) IF I'VE ONLY MADE A DEPOSIT?  Our system automatically charges remaining balance (if any) to your credit/debit card 7 days (14 days for packages with reception) prior to arrival, no exceptions; guests paying by money order or certified check must remit balance 14 days prior to arrival. PLEASE HAVE BALANCE DUE AVAILABLE! If funds are not available, the reservation(s) is canceled without notice to guest with NO REFUND of deposits. Please make any special payment arrangements 14 days prior to arrival. We assume no responsibility for bank service charges.

HOW DOES CHECK-IN WORK IF I'M PRE-REGISTERED?  Once your pre-registration is received & processed (allow one day for processing) we provide your PROPERTY NAME, KEY CODE & DIRECTIONS. Go directly to your cabin. 

Your ARRIVAL REGISTRATION FORM will be inside; please REGISTER IMMEDIATELY UPON ARRIVAL and leave form in designated drop off box. NOTE: Guests not observing check-in/out times will be charged for an additional nights' stay. UNREGISTERED GUESTS ARE NOT ALLOWED.

HOW DO I CHECK-IN IF I DIDN'T PRE-REGISTER?  You MUST ARRIVE for check-in at the Registration Desk between 9 AM & 5 PM at the Cole Lane office for directions and keys. This office is closed on SUNDAY & MAJOR HOLIDAYS!

WHAT IF I NEED LATE ARRIVAL? You must pre-register to verify travel dates, make, model and tag number of your vehicle. We will follow-up with written driving directions and a code for the keyless entry lock system. You may use your key code during your stay. We do not program key code in the event an unpaid balance remains on day of arrival. Our staff is available Monday-Saturday 9 AM-5 PM. If guest arrives after 5 PM and did not pre-register for late arrival prior to their arrival date, they will lose the first night of their rental without refund. Our staff makes every effort to pre-register every guest for POSSIBLE late arrival. Please do not risk losing the first night in your accommodation and pre-register for possible late arrival! Honeymoon Hills assumes no responsibility for assistance after regular business hours (Monday - Saturday 9 AM - 5 PM) for check-ins. Please DO NOT use internet mapping programs or GPS. You could become lost with no cell service to call for help with directions. Use only written directions provided! 

WHAT IF I DID NOT PRE-REGISTER AND I ARRIVED AFTER THE OFFICE CLOSED?  Honeymoon Hills assumes no liability for assisting guests for late arrival that did not pre-register for late arrival. We recommend each guest pre-register as if they will be arriving after hours. Our staff does not return to the office for a check-in after hours. No refunds are issued if guests miss the first night of their reserved time.

WHAT IF I WANT TO DEPART AFTER 10 AM? A FEW GUESTS CHOOSE TO SIMPLY IGNORE CHECK-OUT TIME!  Please verify your expected departure date. If you plan to extend your stay, call the office to check availability. DO NOT assume the property is available! Departure is before 10 AM. 

Properties are inspected, inventoried and cleaned the day of your departure. If your personal belongings remain in the property past 10 AM, Honeymoon Hills reserves the right to move your belongings to ANY vacant property and bill the card on file for another night of lodging plus $100 fee. If none are available we will move your belongings to the office for collection and add the $100 fee. We ARE NOT responsible for the cost of or handling of (refrigerated items, bridal gown, digital cameras, laptop computers, etc) your personal belongings left in the property past departure time.

WILL MY CELL PHONE WORK IN THE MOUNTAINS?  Do not depend on cell phone communication here as reception is very poor. Many cell phone services have no reception at all here! You may want to leave our phone number with relatives in case of emergency!

WINTER TRAVEL NOTICE: We realize many are traveling in hopes of snow for skiing, however due to our mild climate we rarely experience snow! Our weather conditions change rapidly due to our high elevations. Please check weather forecasts and come prepared with food and a properly equipped vehicle to avoid travel difficulties.

ARE MOUNTAIN ROADS PASSABLE YEAR ROUND/WINTER STORMS  We rarely experience a true snow storm in our mild climate! We do not guarantee any road surface condition. Most roads in Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge, Sevierville and the National Park are well maintained, but are curvy, very steep and at times hazardous. Rain, sleet or snow in our mountainous terrain make driving conditions very hazardous--please be fully prepared! Some properties have gravel drives or roads. While these roads are routinely maintained, they can be bumpy at times. In the late fall, winter, and early spring it is not uncommon to occasionally have hazardous road conditions from rain, sleet or snow. Guests traveling during these seasons need four-wheel drive, snow chains, snow shovel, bags of ice melt, personal supplies including groceries and medications. Road conditions & maintenance are not guaranteed. We do not refund due to road conditions. Guests are responsible for all transportation. We do not provide transportation, transport guests, tow guest vehicles, drive guests vehicles, transport for groceries, restaurant food or medications. 

We are not responsible for any towing charges incurred. Inquire at www.weather.com, enter the zip code of 37738 for current/upcoming weather conditions. NO SNOW REMOVAL IS PROVIDED! If weather conditions prohibit you from leaving on your scheduled departure date by 10 AM Eastern, you will be charged an additional nights' rent plus taxes, no exceptions.

NOTE: Our staff drives full-sized four wheel drive sport utility vehicles and rarely are inconvenienced during winter storm conditions!  YOU MUST HAVE A VEHICLE SUITED FOR WINTER MOUNTAINOUS TERRAIN DURING A WINTER STORM.

WHAT IF I HAVE A MAINTENANCE REQUEST? Maintenance is available to our guests daily 9 AM-5 PM. Should you have a maintenance issue, please report it for scheduling promptly. You will be provided a service call number, please record this number. Our maintenance staff is available at absolutely no additional cost. If you report a maintenance item, you do not have to meet or stay to wait on them. If maintenance has questions, they will call you. We ask that you first troubleshoot by phone, if we cannot resolve your issue by phone we are happy to dispatch maintenance at no additional cost. We apologize in advance but if maintenance issue(s) are falsely reported with no problem found, guests are billed a $20 Trip Fee. 

ARRIVING & EMERGENCY PHONE NUMBERS: Our office is NOT OPEN 24 hours. Our regularly scheduled office hours are 9 AM to 9 PM Monday - Friday Eastern, Saturday 9 AM to 6 PM; Closed Sunday, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day with limited hours on major holidays. If you are having a true emergency (locked out, no heat/air, etc) any member of our staff welcomes your emergency call 24/7! After hours leave a detailed message with your call back phone number at 865-436-3901, 931279-0100, 931-279-0996, 931-279-0350, 865-250-9862, or 865-250-3819. You will not get a person at any of these numbers, these phones are for messages only. Leave a detailed message describing your emergency along with a call back number and someone will return your call usually within an hour. IF YOU ARE HAVING A TRUE EMERGENCY, CONTINUE TO CALL ALL PHONE NUMBERS PROVIDED UNTIL YOU GET SOMEONE AWAKE TO HELP YOU. OUR CELL PHONE RECEPTION IS VERY POOR IN THE MOUNTAINS--THIS INCLUDES VOICE MAIL DELIVERY. Please DO NOT call after hours with non-emergency questions.  ALL NON-EMERGENCY CALLS (fireplace lighting/relighting, hot tub temperature too hot/cool, etc) WILL NOT BE RETURNED!

DISPOSE OF ALL GARBAGE AT OUR DUMPSTER:  Our dumpster is located off Cole Lane near our office just below the gazebo. Gatlinburg has an ordinance requiring all garbage to be disposed of properly in bear proof containers. To avoid additional fees upon your departure, be certain to remove your garbage from the property and place it our dumpster. 

WILDLIFE & INSECTS: The Great Smoky Mountains National Park is home to thousands of plants, trees, flowers, wildlife and insects. While our properties are treated regularly for pests, ladybugs, wasps, hornets, bees or other insects may still be present during your stay. LADYBUG NOTICE: Several years ago the National Park Service released millions of ladybugs into the Park to fight a tree-killing insect. A large population of these ladybugs were located in the Gatlinburg, Pigeon Forge & Sevierville area. Occasionally these ladybugs visit homes. Once they get inside, they cannot locate an exit. Sadly, the only way to rid them is by vacuuming them and placing them outdoors again! The park service will not allow insect spray for ladybugs since they were introduced to fight a problem. Ladybugs like warm sunny places such as windows. Even if you remove the ladybugs they will be back again in a few hours. A ladybug is small, harmless, reddish/yellowish, with small black spots. Some people believe they are for good luck! They do not pose a threat, cannot bite, or cause harm to humans. We remove ladybugs upon checkout, but if they appear during your stay please be patient with them!

WHAT IF I'M NOT SURE HOW TO OPERATE ANY EQUIPMENT?  If you are not familiar with the operation or care of any equipment, please call the office for assistance before you attempt use! We are happy to assist you!

HOW DOES THE NON-VENTED GAS OR ELECTRIC FIREPLACE WORK?  DO NOT BURN ANYTHING IN THESE FIREPLACES. SIGNIFICANT DAMAGES AND/OR DEATH FROM SMOKE OR FIRE MAY OCCUR.  The fireplace will automatically cycle on and off by thermostat. Please do not adjust the fireplace. If your fireplace needs re-lighting (operational during cold weather months only--Honeymoon Hills determines availability of gas fireplaces to prevent A/C damage), maintenance is available from 9am5pm ONLY. DO NOT attempt or light fireplace in warm weather as significant damage to the air conditioning unit will occur!

HOW DOES THE HOT TUB AND COVER WORK?  Upon your arrival, your hot tub (if equipped) is usually warm by 8 or 9 PM as the tub is cleaned between each guest. Please do not report a maintenance issue unless your water has had sufficient time to heat. PLEASE DO NOT ADJUST SETTINGS INSIDE THE HOT TUB and do not use bubble bath, bath oil, soaps, etc in hot tub. Do not lie, sit , or stand on hot tub cover as it will damage or collapse cover.  Keep cover on hot tub at all times with jets turned off when not in use. Children, women who are or may be pregnant, persons with heart conditions or skin sensitivities should not use hot tubs. Hot tub cover replacement cost is $410.83 and excessive cleaning fee to remove miscellaneous debris is $150.

WHAT ABOUT REMOTE CONTROLS?  The remote control(s) for the television, DVD, and/or satellite are inspected, inventoried, checked for batteries and placed on the top of the television. Please locate all remote controls and return to the original location before you depart to guard against unnecessary charges. Remote control(s) are $30 each to replace.

WHAT AM I RESPONSIBLE FOR UPON DEPARTURE?  Please perform a THOROUGH search for your personal belongings before departure! Items commonly left behind are DVDs, videos, cell chargers, medications, cameras, jewelry, hanging clothing, pillows, blankets, books, luggage, toiletries, refrigerated items, etc. It is extremely difficult to keep track and ship personal items left behind. If we have a request and are able to locate the belongings we will ship them. The cost of shipping plus a $25 handling fee will be charged to your credit/debit card on file. Please allow 2-3 weeks for shipping. Honeymoon Hills assume no responsibility for and/or value of items left behind.

RIGHT OF REFUSAL:  Proof of age by State issued legal identification may be required. Every guest must be prepared to show State issued ID. We wish to provide a calm, relaxing atmosphere for all! Anyone causing a disturbance with other guests, ANY member of our staff, or found in violation of any written policies herein (including pet policy) will be asked to depart immediately with NO REFUND. We reserve the right to enter any property at any time for just cause without notification. Honeymoon Hills Resort, Chapel at Honeymoon Hills, and our Minister reserves the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason. 

HELPFUL INFORMATION and PACKING LIST:  Items PROVIDED: Full or efficiency kitchen, toaster, microwave, coffee maker, minimal supply of dishes, pots, pans, dishwashing liquid. Linens provided at no additional charge: sheet set for each bed, 4 large towels, 2 small towels, 4 wash cloths, 1 dish cloth, 1 dish towel. Additional linens available for additional cost.

Items NOT provided: Hair dryer, blender, coffee filters, coffee, iron, ironing board, shampoo, conditioner, large soap, alarm clock, facial tissue, paper towels, bath tissue, or daily cleaning service.

GUESTS SHOULD BRING THEIR OWN: FLASHLIGHT, Additional linens, TOWELS and WASH CLOTHS if you feel you may need more, beach towels for the jacuzzi and hot tub (if equipped), paper products, additional kitchen items for extended cooking projects, extra garbage bags (most guests like to double bag garbage for trip to dumpster), light to heavy jacket for cool nights, good books, sunscreen and comfortable walking shoes. DON'T FORGET YOUR DRIVING DIRECTIONS & KEY CODE!

By making this reservation I confirm I have reviewed and agreed to all information regarding damage policy, cancellation, refund and reschedule on this non-refundable reservation. I acknowledge my non-refundable deposit of $[Reservation Deposit] and will satisfy my open balance of $[Reservation Balance Due] (7) days prior to arrival.  I authorized my card to be charged in full when reservation was made and understand my credit/debit/prepaid card on file may be used for damages discovered upon my departure. 

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